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The instructors at Shakti Yoga Shop are enthusiastic practitioners of Hatha Yoga. Each of our instructors bring their unique style of sharing their love and knowledge of yoga. They all study yoga intensively and collectively have accumulated thousands of hours of training in asana, philosophy, and therapeautics. Students can expect to find a positive and uplifting environment, strong understanding of alignment and philosophy, and continuity within our classes.


Brette Berlin Scott, E-RYT500

Brette is an enthusiastic practitioner and teacher of Hatha Yoga. Influenced in early days by both Ashtanga and Iyengar Yoga and later certified in Anusara Yoga, Brette’s teaching draws on her two decades of study. Brette opened her first studio in 2000 and its expansion into Shakti Yoga Shop in 2006 makes it the longest running studio in the metro. Brette loves sharing the possibilities of yoga with all levels of students and aims to make every class engaging, thoughtful and dynamic. Most recently she has stepped into the exciting and challenging role of teaching teachers.

Becky Miles-Polka, RYT200

Becky began her yoga journey in college. After a long hiatus, she rediscovered the healing power of yoga in 2009. Becky appreciates the value of yoga for all ages, abilities and body types. Her background as a nurse and midwife brings a special interest in yoga anatomy. She is a dedicated student of Rajanaka yoga with Dr. Douglas Brooks. You can expect her classes to be sprinkled with science, philosophy, humor and healing. Her goal is for students to gain a deeper appreciation of their innate body wisdom.



KGamble-5432Bekah Zeimets, RYT200

Bekah embarked on her yogic adventures in 2012. She started her exploration with asana and was immediately caught up in the current. She continues daily practice with her two cats usually trying to join. Yoga has provided Bekah with strength to become a fuller version of herself, a deeper connection with nature and a place of healing. During her teacher training, Bekah developed a passion for the anatomy of the body, tantric yoga philosophy and the surrounding mythological stories. She is enthusiastic to share her knowledge with others. Bekah hopes to continue learning something new about yoga every day and help others on their personal journeys.


5ca6b847-5dee-4498-8e16-b37783b9022dBen “Good Vibes” Spellman

Ben loves people and yoga. His appreciation of both is palpable in his classes. He is always doing yoga, as he sees every part of life as a practice. Ben is passionate about connecting  people and creating community.






Joseph Schneider, E-RYT200

Joseph began practicing yoga more than 20 years ago.  Early drawn by Iyengar Yoga, he met Desirée Rumbaugh in the late 1990s and became an Anusara-Inspired teacher.  More recently, he has pursued new lines of study and practice that draw on Douglas Brooks and Rajanaka Tantra and the teachings of Christina Sell. Joseph’s enthusiasm for the practice spills into his classes in equal measures of kindness, humor and sensibility. He would like to think that he is a living testament to the promise of starting yoga “late in life” (as in over 50 at the time) and has found it deeply transformative.

Marialyce Eilts, RYT500

Marialyce embarked on her yogic journey more than twelve years ago and immediately discovered that yoga has so much more to offer than physical exercise. As a former Anusara-Inspired Instructor, her generosity of spirit and knowledge of the practice leaves her students inspired, enthused, and more physically fit. Marialyce lives the concept of lifelong learning with every practice and session, challenging us to more fully embraces ourselves and our joys.

KGamble-5771Martha McCormick, RYT200

After earning her 200RYT in 2014, teaching yoga is Martha’s next adventure on a list that includes art, gardening and travel. She takes a creative approach to planning and problem solving, and believes successful teaching comes from a place of humility, and the curiosity of a beginner’s mind. Her classes rely heavily on observation and experimentation to find solutions and challenges for each student. Off the mat, Martha explores her lifelong passions for community and social justice through her company Next Step Adventure.




KGamble-5533Robin Wasteney, RYT200

Robin first discovered the benefits of yoga in 1999 at the YMCA. Through her fitness experience – including yoga, running and cycling – she gained greater strength, confidence, and long lasting friendships. In 2009, her desire to help others discover the benefits of mindful movement drew her from the role of student to teacher. Robin recently completed a rewarding teacher training journey with Brette Berlin Scott. Her practice now boasts a new discovery and insight far beyond asana that inspires her to evolve, explore and share. She aims to bring a thoughtful combination of challenge, exploration, laughter, and community to each class.

33Roxianne Scott, RYT200

Rox took her first yoga class in 2000 and has been hooked ever since. At first, Rox used yoga as a way to focus her mind and energies in a stressful and hectic work environment. But it soon became a way of life and something she could no longer live without. Although Rox was exposed to a mix of yoga styles in the beginning, her formal study of Hatha yoga has been in Aunusara & Iyengar Yoga. Rox’s yoga classes are a mixture of energetic flow, reflective holding, playful challenges, and deep exploration. She believes that her yoga students teach her as much as she teaches them and is grateful for such beautiful sharing. Rox enjoys taking yoga classes as much as she enjoys teaching them.


RitaHenry2Rita Henry, Qigong

Rita is the Founder and CEO of Inner Prosperity, an organization dedicated to helping you say “Yes!” to life and discover who you really are. Inner Prosperity fosters self-love and empowerment through personal coaching, healing work, qigong, classes, workshops, and meditation. Inner Prosperity promotes self-awareness, honesty, and growth on all levels — spiritually, physically, emotionally, and intellectually. Rita passionately invites people to transform, to feel good about themselves, and to live their lives to the fullest.

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