douglas_brooksDr. Douglas Brooks

Love, Lust, and Ecstasy

Ascetics and Householders in the Histories of Yoga

April 29-May 1, 2016

The majority traditions of yoga have been deeply skeptical about the facts of embodied life and the pratfalls of desire. We’re encouraged to moralize our desires, control them, and even extinguish them for the sake of a higher good. We’ve heard less about the role desire plays in creating a life with success and greatness. We’ll begin by looking honestly and carefully at the greater breadth of yoga traditions and ask ourselves what we might gain from considering these ideas, teachings, and practices. As worldlings and householders we pay special attention to those traditions that can inform our everyday lives as yogins of the 21st century.

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Realizing Our Nature: The Lustful Unicorn

Friday, April 29 • 6-8pm

The original story of the unicorn —an image that in the west comes to represent the sacrifice of the savior and appears on the heraldry of the British crown—appears first in India. Unlike western adaptations that emphasize a moralizing goal that transcends the sensual, the story of Rsyhasrnga tells the powerful and compelling story of lust, love, and the meaning of a deeper ecstasy. The unicorn is far more than we imagined.

What We Do For Love: The Goddess, the Demon, and Love

Saturday, April 30 • 10:30am-1pm

The power of fidelity, the pursuit of a rich fecundity in body and spirit, and the hope for a life filled with possibilities is retold in a compelling series of stories involving the goddess Durga and a group of demons who, like the rest of us, long to be loved. What will we do for love? How can honest passion lead us so far afield of our hopes and expectations? When intimacy is our most cherished and humanizing gift, how do we address the vulnerabilities and costs that invariably follow?

The Churning of the Ocean: Vulnerability, Intimacy, and Betrayal

Saturday, April 30 • 2:30-5pm

What goes ‘round comes around. Everyone has an entry into the heart that leads and misleads, each of us knows there are feelings so real and so irresistible that we can neither aver nor deny. The ocean of the heart is churned and emergent are our hopes and desires. The stories of lust, love, and ecstasy lead us to delusion, ecstasy, and an honest look into the soul.

The Deeper Intimacy: Bringing the Shadow Along with the Love

Sunday, May 1 • 10:30am-1pm

Intimacy puts us at risk, raises the stakes, and challenges us to accept the all of it: love is the reason that trumps all reason. We’ll be returning here to rich stories from the traditions of Shiva and the Great Goddess, stories rarely told but that’s because the stakes are indeed more than we bargained for and challenge our every expectation. The shadow is everything hidden from us and all that comes into the light and remains buried. With the shadow greatness is possible, and that too has consequences for a life of lust, love, and ecstasy.

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